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Roel Oosterwijk brings photography to the business world

Photographer-Roel Oosterwijk
© Roel Oosterwijk

Photographer Roel Oosterwijk’s latest photos showcasing urban settings with up and coming models, business owners and spectacular landscapes have helped to propel his creative startup.

Originally from Rotterdam, the photographer graduated last year after specialising in graphic design, and honed in on his one true passion: helping people stand out through art and design.

Despite the pandemic, the young photographer put on his entrepreneurial hat, and decided to set up his own online store, building a brand to connect people with his latest photo collection and design work.

© Roel Oosterwijk

With creative professionals in the UK and across Europe learning to navigate the current restrictions, there’s been a strong growth in the digital economy, with art and creative design going mainstream thanks to a rise in bespoke e-commerce platforms that have enabled creators to build businesses online.

For Oosterwijk, going digital and embracing consumer shifts was a great way to get his art and design projects out to a bigger audience, while building an online presence to promote his latest photoshoots.

Having started his own company, the photographer turned entrepreneur has already found early success through merchandise sales and creative services.

photography-design-Roel Oosterwijk
© Roel Oosterwijk

Transferring his photography into a product portfolio has also been a game-changer, enabling Oosterwijk to distribute his creative works at scale in various forms such as posters, bags, apparel and phone cases.

With his latest collection of designs now available online, Oosterwijk has been encouraging creatives to be all they can be, and aims to help businesses as well as individuals stand out from the crowd.

Photographer-Roel Oosterwijk-photo-of-Roel-van-Hoff-Founder-of-Sneakersschool
Roel van Hoff, Founder of Sneakersschool / © Roel Oosterwijk

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