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Designer Tony Visions set to reveal new ‘Genesis Collection’ as streetwear fashion goes global

Photo Credit: Khaleel Allen

American fashion designer Tony Visions is preparing to reveal his latest collection following this year’s New York Fashion Week.

The Miami based designer, who launched his brand Tony Visions to introduce new and daring concepts to the fashion industry, has been establishing trends in streetwear luxury clothing for the past several years. The designer’s ambitious plans to bring his unique designs to consumers around the world got an extra boost this week with the announcement of his latest Genesis Collection that will be on display in stores at the end of the year.

Having organised a number of global fashion runways, the designer recently revealed a sneak preview into his latest collection, showcasing a number of new items that are set to be among the limited edition items to go on sale.

Preparing for the release of the Genesis Collection this autumn in Miami, Florida, Tony Visions has been defining new styles with a focus on street luxury and empowerment as a core message. Bringing a flair of the Florida south coast and street styles to his latest clothing, the designer has garnered increasing notoriety in the fashion industry due to his unique approach to apparel, and his mission to help people become more confident.

Tony Visions is also said to be in talks for a 7-episode short film series in partnership with production company ONZYTE that will go behind-the-scenes to explore the designer’s latest concepts, and give audiences an introduction into his approach on defining a new era of streetwear luxury fashion. Confirming the project to The Britonian on Thursday, Visions said the series would be tentatively released this October.

As new fashion trends emerge this year for millennials and Gen-Z consumers, Tony Visions is aiming to bring about a new kind of look that sets people apart and empowers them to be at their best.

With the launch of London Fashion Week today, and Paris Fashion Week scheduled to begin at the end of the month, there’s anticipation that Tony Visions may be about to reveal some of his most defining creations to-date.

Photo Credit: Khaleel Allen

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