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US, UK, France, Germany tell citizens to leave Lebanon immediately

nations urge citizens to leave Lebanon is fighting continues on border
© Jo Kassis

An increasing number of countries this week have urged citizens to leave Lebanon.

As the security situation deteriorates along the Lebanon-Israel border, the US, UK, France, Germany and Saudi Arabia among other nations are urging their citizens to leave the country while they can.

The urgent advisories come at a time where Lebanon is reeling from severe economic difficulties as its local currency plunges and airlines reduce flights to the region.

The problem is being exacerbated by renewed tension between Israel and Hezbollah, where there have been a number of military exchanges in recent days.

Germany’s Lufthansa airlines suspended flights to Lebanon while Middle East Airlines, which is Lebanon’s national carrier, has started relocating its planes to Turkey.

With intense diplomatic efforts still under way to contain an escalating regional conflict between Israel and Hamas, there are fears that Lebanon may be dragged into the conflict – which Israel has been preparing for.

France, the US and UK reiterated to regional powers that they must exercise restraint as the humanitarian situation remains dire in Gaza. There have been renewed attempts by the US to set up humanitarian corridors in Gaza and to limit the impact of Israel’s military operations on Palestinians caught in the conflict.

With Lebanon becoming a key concern, Iran has been urged by Western nations not to further incite regional instability.