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Urbanist Architecture is bringing 4D virtual reality to the forefront of design

© Urbanist Architecture

Urbanist Architecture, London’s leading architecture company specialised in residential property, is embracing 4D virtual reality to shape the next generation of home builds.

Globally renowned for their property designs that have been rigorously researched and artistically developed, Urbanist Architecture is one of the first to be using the technology in the planning process to bring their customers closer to their vision.

Through the use of virtual reality technology, the architecture and planning practice is able to create a much more detailed design overview with its build projects through the use of photorealistic, 4D virtual reality experiences.

For customers that are looking to understand how their future property could look, Urbanist Architecture showcases the quality of the designs both inside and out so that customers can experience every minute aspect of how the building will appear. From the furniture to the materials, as well as internal and external fixtures – 4D is bringing us closer to our own vision of what our future home could be.

Having embraced the use of the technology to demonstrate its design capabilities, there are no limits to the imagination with 4D virtual reality. Thanks to this approach, transformational projects can be developed for property developers that are looking to build homes for the open market, or people with existing homes that are seeking to have an extension built or the redevelopment of an existing property.

With a 360 degrees view of a property’s interior, Urbanist Architecture is also able to demonstrate how doors, taps and even light fixtures will look – allowing us to open doors and turn the lights on and off.

VR in architecture has long been an architect’s dream, and with the technology now being adapted in the design industry, the next generation of homes will look very different, bringing in a new era of building standards.

As the UK forges ahead with its net-zero carbon emissions pledge by 2050, the architecture and design industry will play a key role in how future homes are built with the most efficient standards. 

Virtual Reality in Architecture

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