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Haim Toledano urges optimism as capital markets go through transition

© Annie Spratt

Financial guru Haim Toledano is encouraging investors to look at the opportunities in capital markets despite the recent upheaval in global stock valuations.

With global stocks facing a turbulent time, the upcoming U.S. elections and uncertainty in Europe with Britain’s impending departure with Brexit, there are many factors to consider for future investments.

Having worked in the financial industry for more than 30 years, Toledano started his career as an investment analyst, and was responsible for researching market trends and data analysis which caught the attention of leading stockbrokers, fund managers and traders. This led his market insights becoming renowned in Israel and internationally, leading to “massive returns” according to one former stockbroker.

As a respected analyst, Toledano followed his ambition of running a financial business which led him to the ever-changing financial industry where he has been able to assess the security of stocks and bonds, and the associated risks that come from cryptocurrency investments along with emerging markets.

“Investors need to stay optimistic and look carefully at those opportunities in leading markets where there is good infrastructure and talent available,” said Haim Toledano.

Over the last 20 years, he’s helped multi-national brands navigate numerous market depressions, taking care of stakeholders, and assisting business leaders to raise capital on the financial markets. Toledano has also written numerous academic papers that highlight political and social shifts through extensive research.

Toyga Media, has since become an international powerhouse, offering financial products and services in various areas including currencies and commodities.

With more than several hundred employees, Toyga has also expanded into other fields and recently launched its technological arm ‘Hexagon Division’, bringing together a core team of 25 developers, programmers, and product managers to work on new innovations for tomorrow’s consumer.

Investors looking at the long-term picture will ultimately find opportunities in various international markets and with ongoing market disruption, financial experts like Toledano will enable companies to look ahead and make the necessary informed decisions.