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Tech startup P.N. & Friends co-founded by Nima Yamini and Pablo Heman passes 30,000 members

Nima Yamini & Pablo Heman

P.N. & Friends, a tech startup that’s helping to bring highly specialised training to people interested in stocks and crypto investing has grown to over 30,000 members in just 6 weeks.

The online education company, built by TikTok stars Nima Yamini and Pablo Heman, has achieved tremendous growth as one of the emerging disruptors in the financial education space.

With people looking to learn about stocks and crypto investing, there’s been a growing need for educators to help teach the skills and the strategies necessary for individuals to make the right investment decisions. Heman and Yamini, who became friends through the TikTok platform, found a growing demand from people looking to become financially literate. Following the impact of the recent economic crisis, many internet users have struggled to grasp the new tech and strategies required to best leverage the booming crypto and stock markets.

Having accumulated an impressive following of over 1.2 million fans combined, the duo have been sharing their industry knowledge to support their big Gen Z community. Following their early success in building an engaged audience, they launched P.N. & Friends to help others invest in different asset classes.

After their launch, P.N. & Friends opened a new Discord channel, and with its 30,000 member strong community, the growth in just a few short weeks has taken people by surprise, and is a testament to how powerful a social media presence can be in building a startup.

With the global reach of TikTok and highly connected Gen Z audiences, Yamini and Heman found their passion about crypto and stocks resonating with their followers, and it’s thanks to this that they can continue to grow their company, and provide more investment insights with real world knowledge to people eager to learn.

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Financial disclaimer: Financial trading and investing in cryptocurrencies including NFTs, coins, tokens as well as other leveraged products is highly risky and can result in losses that exceed your initial deposit. Suitable professional financial advice should be obtained before investing in these assets or the financial markets.