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Esports content gamer Adrian Moreira reveals latest montage as Fortnite adds Ferrari to gameplay from today

© Adrian Moreira

Esports content creator Adrian Moreira has revealed his latest montage video from popular game Fortnite as Epic Games reveal their first licensed car.

Fortnite, which has now been downloaded more than 350 million times, has become a cultural phenomenon around the world. With players sharing their gameplay through live streams, social media and platforms like YouTube, the game has become an established favorite among young internet users. 

Joining the likes of some of Fortnite’s top players, 19-year-old Adrian Moreira launched his own channel Prophcys to share gameplay and reveal exciting montages of in-action footage. Featuring a host of thrilling edits from must-watch Fortnite game moments along with popular music, some of his most watched videos include ‘Starships & Timber’ as well as ‘I feel it Coming’ and ‘Tip Toe’. 

The Esports content creator has also quickly grown his subscriber base, counting more than 8800 loyal fans on the platform since deciding to launch his Fortnite channel. He joins a host of commentators and Fortnite players who have experienced the meteoric rise of multiplayer gaming as it becomes a professional, global sport.

Surpassing 500,000 views on his channel alone since the start of the year, Moreira is also studying the impact of gaming and its effects on people’s psychology for research analysis. This also includes the potential link between gaming, violence and addiction. The multi-year study will establish new gaming insights and reveal a wealth of information about gamer habits when released.

‘Starships & Timber’ by Prophcys

And it’s been an exciting week for Fortnite as the makers revealed a partnership with Ferrari to launch the game’s first ever licensed car, which is set to be introduced in-game today for players.

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