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Privacy.Page to help users find out if their data has been leaked

From Solarwinds to the Marriott Hotel chain, there’s been a host of cyber hacking events that have led to millions of records containing personal data being leaked on the web. And the problem continues to mount with RansomWare and other malicious attacks taking place around the world on hospitals as well as institutions.

Pivacy.Page is aiming to change how people control their information, helping them to protect their passwords and privacy. Backed by a team of cybersecurity experts and industry veteran Lev Topor, the Israel based startup is giving people back control by helping internet users scan the web to see how their data has been impacted and shared.

By searching for leaks through its unique web crawling technology, Privacy.Page is giving individuals as well as governments the ability to scan the dark web and other anonymous communication platforms to help avoid data being misused.

Preventing identity theft, malicious manipulations, extortion and financial fraud are among some of the key aims of Privacy.Page. With its new subscription offer for internet users, individuals as well as organizations for the first time can know more about where their important data is appearing.

It is not always the case that law enforcement agencies can remove stolen passwords from the dark web or unlisted communications platform, therefore providing an in-depth picture of where data is appearing can help users take preventative measures.

Helping to lead the change in data security, the company joins a host of innovative cybersecurity startups that are seeking to address the growing problem of cyber criminality. With users having more insights into where their data is appearing, they can take decisive action, cancel credit cards and change passwords to prevent any further abuse of their information.

With data leaks becoming an ever growing problem, are you considering to take more control over your data? Share your feedback with us.

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