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Silwana Diamond Group embark on new chapter with African development projects

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Following this month’s announcement of a planned $5 billion infrastructure project in South Sudan, Silwana Diamond Group have been expanding their team in the Middle East and Africa.

Dr. Feras Abu Hdaib, Chairman of Silwana Diamond Group this week praised the international team that successfully completed a comprehensive market assessment to help facilitate new regional projects.

Specialising in a wide variety of sectors from agriculture to IT, Silwana Diamond Group was recently awarded a number of government development contracts in Africa including Guinea-Bissau. This included the provision of construction projects for a variety of local requirements along with specialised import and export projects, and the provision of private security.

As a leading investment company in the region, Dr. Feras Abu Hdaib highlighted in a statement this week that, “We do understand the local and international market and have secured high-level government development projects. Through our market research experts, we’ve obtained and completed various exclusive contracts and projects. My team and I work around the clock to achieve measurable goals.”

Following large scale infrastructure projects in Africa and developing economies, there’s a renewed emphasis on sustainability in alignment with The Paris Agreement.

Over the last several years the company has been developing is sustainability credentials as it works with international partners to launch complex infrastructure projects that adhere to global EHS standards. This also covers areas of development such as desalination treatment plants to bring fresh water to millions of citizens in developing countries.

“We have projects in every country/region from East to West Africa. Infrastructure projects include agricultural projects and fish farming projects,” noted Dr. Feras Abu Hdaib.

With the world moving towards environmentally sustainable solutions, Silwana Diamond Group are forging ahead with a renewed mission to become a world leader in innovation, leading local development and supporting local economic growth across emerging markets.

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