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The emerging trend of lifestyle businesses: Nick Deflorio helps people succeed with Onyx Forex

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Having started out in the corporate world, entrepreneur Nick Deflorio wanted to change his approach to doing business, and help others do the same. 

Like many of today’s workers, the traditional office job has become increasingly unattractive and following the pandemic, there’s been a boom in remote working. With the laptop lifestyle appealing to many, Deflorio decided to launch an educational platform to help people get into Forex trading. 

With the launch of his new brand, Onyx Forex Trading, Deflorio was applying his corporate knowledge into the educational sphere, and helping people learn how to make a second income within the Forex market. 

His platform quickly grew, which has now more than 700 students who are learning how to generate a new source of revenue for themselves. 

While the passive income stream may seem illusive to many, there are more opportunities than ever before to learn about different industries and to explore alternative ways to make money. This also includes how to have the mindset to create one’s own financial future without having to depend on a fixed income job.

Deflorio found success with his strategy in teaching people how to get into online Forex trading, with some students earning over £800 a day. 4 years on from the launch of Onyx Forex, Nick Deflorio has created a brand that has helped people achieve new kinds of success by approaching their lifestyle differently. And also by embracing the idea of having a second income stream.

One of the methods that Deflorio is a strong proponent of is the concept of a compounding growth system, which teaches students how to do technical analysis as well as manage risks to get an edge in the trading market. This also includes applying the trading psychology to generate an income. 

For students interested in exploring Forex, his platform offers free webinars that can be accessed on any device to get started.

Are you exploring alternative income streams to support yourself in 2021?

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Financial disclaimer: Financial trading, including the use of leveraged products is extremely risky & can result in losses that exceed your initial deposit. Suitable advice should be obtained before commencing trading in the financial markets.