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Can you have a hair transplant during COVID-19? Hermest Hair Transplant explains how it works

We have explored the COVID-19 precautions taken by Turkey’s top hair transplant clinic, Hermest Hair Transplant, to discover how people are dealing with the pandemic to continue their treatments. The clinic has been awarded with the best hair transplant awards in Europe by the most important institutions in Germany.

COVID-19 has introduced new lifestyle standards around the world. We need to live in different and new ways than we have lived before 2020 in this period, defined as the new normal. We are learning to live with COVID-19 in a world where the limitations and various precautions for the pandemic still continue but we still cannot achieve the desired control that we seek. 

How has the hair transplant process worked during the COVID-19 period?

Globally renowned health institutions in the hair transplant field have been offering top-level services during the COVID-19 pandemic. Guests from foreign countries have been transferred to their appointments with private vehicles. At this stage, the COVID-19 antibody test is offered as a free service to guests. Then, the waiting room and operating rooms for blood tests and hair analysis are prepared as large rooms remain fully compliant with COVID-19 precautions. Technical staff with monthly PCR and periodic COVID-19 antibody tests are always by the side of their guests. 

Following the hair analysis, customised hair design is applied and the operation starts. Hair transplant operations can take 6 to 8 hours depending on the patient, with a local anaesthesia administered. To ensure sleeping comfort after the operation, special pillows and various medications are provided to guests for free and they are then transferred to an accommodation centre to get rest. When the patients go to the hospital on the next day to assess the operation results, these processes are followed under COVID-19 precautions. The guests then rest for 1 more day and they visit the hospital on the following day for the final controls. During this final examination, the first hair wash is applied and detailed information regarding hair care and medications will be used until the recovery. The guests are then transferred to the accommodation facilities with VIP vehicles and their transfer to the airport from the hotel is completed, depending on the departure flight time.

Just like other hair transplant centres, Hermest Hair Transplant underwent an innovative restructuring during the COVID-19 pandemic period to maintain its high-quality service presentation. Hermest hair transplant has adopted these precautions as standard, which has shown how they have navigated the restrictions while maintaining patient safety. 

Hermest Hair Transplant applications during the COVID-19 period

All processes of hair transplant operation are prepared by considering all the COVID-19 pandemic precautions. The transfers between the accommodation facility and the hospital, the high comfort accommodation facility, hospital visitation, operation and waiting rooms have applied the highest level of COVID-19 precautions during the process. Women’s hair transplants, Sapphire FUE and DHI are among the most popular hair transplant applications. So how has Hermest Hair Transplant carried out these operations during this period?

We have investigated under which conditions and how these techniques have been applied during the COVID-19 pandemic. One of the resources that we have used in our research has doubtlessly been the Hermest Hair Transplant comments; objective views of the patients’ experiences that have guided our understanding. 

Hermest Hair Transplant offers hair transplant applications for women with an expert team. They carry out in-depth research on female pattern hair loss and reasons for hair loss. The main reason or reasons for hair loss are identified and a hair transplant application or treatment is applied before the operation. The main techniques preferred in female hair transplant procedures include Sapphire FUE and DHI techniques.

The Sapphire FUE hair transplant method is operated with long and successful years of know-how by Hermest Hair Transplant specialists. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the high-quality service has been presented with new precautions and under new conditions. Sapphire FUE hair transplant method uses advanced technologies in almost all stages. The process involves professional specialists that carry out operations that can take up to 9 hours. It is totally normal for the first transplanted hair to fall off at the end of the first month according the the clinic. Then, new hair will grow in the hair transplant region.

In the DHI hair transplant technique also known as the pen technique, specially designed pens called CHOI pens are used for transplanting hair roots. This method has a shorter application process than other methods and at the same time, there are no surgical cuts or scars after the operation. With fully-compliant infrastructure, sterile environments, safe and tested medical staff during the COVID-19 pandemic period. The DHI hair transplant method results in success in a short time span. The DHI hair transplant method has a shorter recovery period than other methods.

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