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Entrepreneur Marco Valentinsig is helping international brands connect with younger audiences through emoji marketing

© Marco Valentinsig

Marco Valentinsig, originally from Italy, has launched a new emoji marketing company that is changing the way brands connect with younger audiences.

With the rise of emojis as a powerful communication tool, Valentinsig is bringing a new kind of storytelling to the marketing business. With a number of Italian and international clients already seeing benefits from this new kind of approach, there’s scope for the entrepreneur to expand his offer further afield.

Having found early success in marketing and social media, Valentinsig has been leveraging his knowledge on the emotional journeys that have become a key component in the marketing mix where emojis are playing a bigger role in connecting ideas and products together.

For brands like Disney, emojis have become an increasingly important aspect of the marketing strategy. For the launch of their live-action Marvel adventure show Wandavision, the company kicked off their campaign using sets of emojis on Twitter.

And just this week, UK retailer M&S created an emoji design for their latest classic chocolate Percy Pig – which helped bring additional awareness and media attention to its unique, and thought provoking concept.

It’s clear to see that emojis are important to brands, and Valentinsig, having studied consumer habits, has embraced the shift towards emojis and their use to help international brands build debate, discussion and viral shares of their products through social media.

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