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Sercle is launched as a new brand as part of Omnio’s shake-up of digital services in the Credit Union sector

© Ilya Ilford

Sercle has been announced as the new name for Omnio’s portfolio of services replacing Kesho as it delivers market leading digital infrastructure for Credit Unions worldwide – supporting rural communities and individuals with their finances. Building on the legacy ‘Curtains’ platform, it offers a completely new digital roadmap, enabling Credit Unions and financial institutions to maximise and grow their loan portfolio in a secure digital way. Credit Union members will now have access to a range of financial products they were previously denied and this digital advantage will empower the sector to grow and increase responsible lending to the communities they serve.

The Sercle digital portfolio gives Credit Unions advanced digital onboarding and instant loan decisions with a powerful and flexible product portfolio. It offers a one stop solution through an open API into the existing platform infrastructure, and into the brand-new Cloud platform that launches in 2021. Sercle’s clients will have access to advanced tools such as: data analytics, in order to manage and report on their portfolios; open banking, to enable real time data from applicants in order to make fully informed lending decisions; fully integrated solutions from one platform to provide automated reconciliation, security and regulatory reporting; Members, lenders and savers will have access through mobiles and online via desktop in real time, with informed risk-based decision tools accessing their accounts virtually and securely. New advanced technology will lead the way in providing secure environment to share documents and data between members and Financial Institutions.

The Sercle business has established itself as the leader in the Credit Union Sector with more than 30 years’ experience, supporting around 1.5 million members. It is part of the Omnio Group and currently processes a host of products across its platforms including: savings, loans, mortgages, banking and current accounts.

Adrian Cannon CEO of OMNIO speaking about the new rebrand this week said: “Sercle offers a new chapter for Credit Unions. By supplying them with an enhanced range of financial technology products they can substantially improve their offering to existing and new members. Our new, easy to use and secure platforms and products, with the introduction of open APIs, now defines the “best in class” category in Credit Union technology and will significantly enhance the way Credit Unions are managed and introduce their members to a range of financial products previously beyond their reach.”

Lindsay Ward, Executive Director of Sercle also highlighted that: “Over the last 12 months, we have listened to our Credit Union client base, and worked closely with many of them to ensure that Sercle is the product they need this year, and for the next 30 years. Kesho “Curtains” is the most widely used FinTech platform in the UK, but with mobile technology and connectivity changing the way we live, it has been essential to upgrade our platform and deliver cloud technology to support Credit Unions everywhere. A working group has been established, so that we can fulfil the needs of clients and so that those with vulnerable members can be confident in the service. Meanwhile, positive customer feedback means that we already have plans for wider expansion into Ireland this year.”

“As we focus on providing Credit Unions with market-leading digital infrastructure, we felt it was time to refresh the Kesho brand. Sercle brings it up to date and reflects its position as one of the most respected in the UK credit union and FinTech space. The launch of the Sercle App in Q1 2021 will not only provide these services to all our Credit Unions clients, but it will also enable our clients to deliver further services to their Members providing instant loan decisions fully digital onboarding of new Members. And a Hub to reach out and grow their membership base through communities.

“Kesho and the Curtains platform started as one man’s dream over 30 years ago, but now is the right time for a new approach. Sercle’s new style, look and feel is in line with our vision: to provide financial management and support fair and responsible lending to those in society who need it the most.”

Providing final products and services to Credit Unions and Financial institutions, Sercle is aiming to breakthrough the boundaries of the digital financial revolution, and is one of the sector’s pioneers in innovating products within the financial world and making them accessible for all.