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Cyber Boy Corp starts development on first video game title for 2021

© Cyber Boy Corp

Cyber Boy Corp announced earlier this month that it was launching its first video game division after a successful year during the pandemic that saw its core software services expand rapidly.

Primarily focused on cybersecurity in the past year, Cyber Boy Corp is aiming to shift its focus into the highly lucrative gaming market, with a team of developers coming on board to launch new popular titles.

Based in Beverly Hills, Cyber Boy Corp also works with a number of UK based staff on its projects, with its international expansion envisaged to bring new, popular titles to the market with wide appeal.  

CEO Sr. Roy Andrade, who has several years of software industry experience, was keen to develop a new arm for Cyber Boy Corp, while leveraging the talents of US and UK based developers for upcoming titles. 

Having seen the progression of the gaming market in the past couple of years, and its meteoric rise in 2020 due to the pandemic, Cyber Boy Corp is now setting its sights on building household name titles in the gaming space which will help to create jobs both in the US and the UK.

With the UK’s growing worldwide expertise in gaming, Cyber Boy Corp is seeking to harness its existing relationships and expertise in the software space and collaborate further afield to build the games of the future. 

Having been heavily involved in the cybersecurity space these last several years, the company has big ambitions to build up its portfolio of games, and bring new high quality gaming experiences to GenZ and millennial audiences around the world. 

Following in the footsteps of big developers such as Ubisoft, Nintendo and EA Sports, Cyber Boy Corp has yet to announce its upcoming titles, but has indicated this week it will be developing titles in the first-person shooter and horror genres as well as MMO and retro titles in the near future.