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Mohamed Al-Saadi to launch new film on Egyptian football star Mohamed Salah and his life story

© Mohamed Al-Saadi

Omani film producer Mohamed Al-Saadi has revealed he’s launching a new film on Egyptian football superstar Mohamed Salah, highlighting his life story and his early struggles on his way to success as one of the UK’s top Premier League players.

Al-Saadi told reporters this week he had been very eager to produce this movie on Mohamed Salah after his retirement following his long struggle in the stadiums and his successful history in playing football for the biggest clubs in the world such as Rome in Italy, Chelsea, and Liverpool in England. This is after he started his life in Egypt, from humble beginnings.

Regarding Mohamed Salah’s statement that he wants artist Rami Malek to embody his character in the next cinematic work, legendary Omani film producer Mohamed Al-Saadi explained that Mohamed Salah’s request reveals he does not want to produce an Egyptian or Arab film that tells his life story, but rather he wants to produce a Hollywood movie with a group of international stars, including Rami Malek, who won an Oscar for his critically acclaimed feature film, ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’.

© Анна Нэсси

Al-Saadi was keen to come on board the project as producer for Mohamed Salah, proposing the name of the new movie be entitled  ‘Al Saher’, or ‘The Magician’, so that it would express his life story in the context of Egyptian Pharaoh Mohamed Salah as the best player in the history of Egypt, in terms of achievements.

ِAlso, Mohamad Al-Saadi confirmed his desire to produce a pharaonic film about the life of one of the most important ancient queens of Egypt, Queen Nefertiti, who had a major role in Egyptian history and did not receive the artistic attention of her biography in a way it deserves.

Al-Saadi expressed his willingness to discuss new scripts that would focus on the life story of Nefertiti in his remarks this week, that would detail her life in two or 3 parts, aimed at Arab and international audiences due to her great historical importance, where her impact was felt in all countries of the world, especially in light of her great beauty and cultural empowerment.

Mohamad Al-Saadi also chose to focus on the character of Queen Nefertiti in the event that he produced a movie that would highlight her life story, in the belief that the Egyptian queen could be played by American actress Angelina Jolie, who could portray the queen in a role where her voice could also be dubbed into Arabic in the film. Due to the physical similarities between Angelina Jolie and Nefertiti in terms of beauty, wisdom, and mental acumen, the production could also envision being co-produced with Jolie in the lead with an American and Arab story, said the producer.