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UK seeks to change worker rights and the 48-hour week

© Moujib Aghrout

The UK is setting out to change its worker rights after leaving the European Union.

With the 48-hour working week previously enshrined in EU law, worker protections are to be amended by the government in a new overhaul of British working rights.

The new measures are aimed to boost businesses, cut red tape and cut costs of employment in a variety of areas.

The business department along with Downing Street are in discussion to create a package of deregulatory measures that could see a substantial shake up of the “working time directive” and other aspects of Britain’s employment law.

Welcomed by businesses, unions however are likely to oppose relaxations or changes that would reduce worker rights.

However, the government has reiterated that it will be seeking to maintain a high standard of working rights, that would be of benefit to workers and companies.

Opposition parties have already condemned the proposals, however ministers have yet to implement a framework on what a future employment legislation could look like in the UK.