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The Templar Fund reveals best quarter in company’s history

© Ali Morshedlou

The Templar Fund revealed its latest quarterly earnings for 2020 this week following a record setting fourth quarter and a surge in digital currency trading.

At the end of 2020, digital currencies were experiencing a boom, with Bitcoin seeing its largest valuation ever, helping investors achieve returns on their investments, and bringing about more confidence in cryptocurrencies in the wider digital economy.

The Templar Fund announced that its investors had received annual non-compounded earnings of over 74% while Q4 earnings were above 30% for the first time.

As the company expanded their yield farming operation in 2020, investors were able to net an additional 15% in earnings according to the Templar Fund’s latest figures.

In addition to growth for investors, the company predicted that market volatility would ease off in the first half of 2021, with a further upside for those looking to diversify into digital currencies.

While there remain market fluctuations in the cryptocurrency space, a string of milestones in recent months including Bitcoin passing $30,000, has led to further interest in digital currencies by established investors as well as individuals looking to diversify.

Among leading trading platforms, The Templar Fund launched in 2018 and offers people a way to invest in a transparent hedge fund through an easy-to-use interface. The early success of the company coupled with its transparent investment reports has enabled it to set itself apart in the cryptocurrency space. 

The Templar Fund’s latest report can be viewed here.

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