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INJ Architecture is leading Saudi Arabia’s organic architecture transformation

Ibrahim Joharji / © INJ Architecture

INJ Architecture, one of Saudi Arabia’s leading architectural firms, is putting organic architecture at the heart of its business to align with Saudia Arabia’s bold vision to promote sustainability and wellbeing by 2030.

The shift in approach in modern architectural design and planning has been a key focus for the Kingdom, which INJ Architecture has embraced with the launch of their new processes to build the next generation of sky scrapers and hotels.

Organic architecture embodies a philosophy whereby habitats such as homes and buildings promote harmony with the natural world through a design approach which is unified with the surroundings. This encompasses every element of design from the furniture and interiors to the building’s exterior and how it fills the space and its relationship to the natural surroundings. Part of that philosophy also looks at sustainability, the use of design to match social, physical and spiritual needs, and how a building’s structure can bring harmony to its inhabitants.

In an interview this week, Ibrahim Joharji, one of the leading architects for INJ said, “Our approach has been to embrace The Kingdom’s 2030 vision, and to encourage sustainability though our designs. We have adapted our projects with the best in-house tools and the backing of our international team to develop and plan transformational buildings both residential and commercial.”

Among some of INJ’s most notable projects include the Al Hajlah Hotel, which will incorporate modern design and offer visitors stunning views at different elevations with a facade that will act as a protective layer to the building along with its horizontal changing waves. These waves will enable a flow of wind to enter the structure and cool down through its passive method of energy transference. With its modern design approaches, INJ Architecture is helping to re-shape the way buildings are developed so that they can be adaptable to extreme climates while providing luxury and elegance in a sustainable way.


As one of Saudi Arabia’s leading architectural firms, INJ Architecture is at the heart of the Kingdom’s drive for sustainability, and as more ambitious projects are planned over the next 10 years, Saudia Arabia will be one of the global leaders in modern architecture in the coming decade.