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Abdullah Almanna urges market prudence as volatility continues

© Abdullah Almanna

Investor and entrepreneur Abdullah Almanna is urging investors to stay prudent as global markets adapt to new changes.

Originally from Kuwait, Almanna is a Certified Public Accountant, with several years’ experience working for the Big Four accountancy firms including PwC and KPMG.

Having started his career as a senior auditor at EY in London, Almanna developed a keen interest in financial markets – and studies the stock markets closely.

Almanna in a recent interview with Forbes urged caution on stocks that appeared to offer huge dividends while companies were falling behind on earning projections in comparison with 2019.

As market volatility continues, investors need to consider “strong balance sheets” rather than valuations according to the entrepreneur, as companies could see dramatic changes in the coming months on the stock market.

Despite recent optimism over a recovery following the pandemic, stocks have seen huge volatility with the US elections, Britain’s exit from the European Union and ongoing trade wars with China all coming into play.

Despite the uncertainty, Almanna is urging investors to look at the bigger picture and to keep an eye out on developments happening around the world in trade and in policy.

Having authored several books including Your Road to Financial Freedom, the entrepreneur is encouraging digital savvy investors to think about their longterm work-life balance.

After a successful career in London, Almanna felt it was time to travel the world and pursue his passions. In the past several years, he has shared his experiences through social media and has travelled extensively to more than 30 countries around the world.

With the aim to inspire future generations to consider following their passions, Almanna is looking at emerging trends not just in the financial world, but also in other industries.

Whilst the travel sector is facing a prolonged contraction with lockdowns ongoing, there remain opportunities as we head into early 2021 in numerous industries including leisure and digital currencies.

For now, investors need to consider their options carefully as the US elections and the unfolding pandemic response affects businesses in many sectors.