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Uprise MED sees big demand for temperature scanning kiosks as businesses seek to make working environments safe

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Uprise MED, a UK-based business providing a range of products to improve people’s wellbeing in professional spaces has seen a big increase in demand for its temperature scanning kiosks as the UK enters a second national lockdown. 

Since the impact of the pandemic, businesses and organisations have been adapting to the various social distancing restrictions and taking precautions to protect workers. Among some of the products being offered by Uprise MED include face shield visors for hospital staff and medical facilities, as well as disposable masks and reusable copper infused face masks – an original concept pioneered by the company.

However, as social distancing measures change, and testing becomes important, Uprise MED’s temperature scanning kiosks have seen a big increase in demand – providing an additional layer of protection for businesses that want to make sure their staff are safe. 

The thermal scanning technology allows staff to take their temperature at a distance without touching the appliance. The temperature scanning kiosks record people’s temperatures through its unique thermographic temperature tools within 1 second using facial recognition technology –  then stores the data. Automated alerts are sent out to staff and contractors, keeping them informed of their temperature, with warnings issued by the device when someone’s temperature goes above normal (indicative of a potential viral infection, or having recently contracted COVID-19 and showing signs of an elevated body temperature). 

With many businesses looking for innovative solutions to keep customers safe, Uprise MED’s temperature scanning kiosk has proven to be popular among customers with a keen desire to protect their staff and keep track of any possible dangers in the office. 

Following the pandemic’s impact, companies like Uprise MED have shifted their business model in order to provide specialised equipment that can safeguard environments.

Uprise MED also offers a range of products through its online ecommerce store from digital LED strips to rustic shelves for design purposes, enhancing working environments to improve overall wellness.

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