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Actor turned entrepreneur Ahmad Mansour shares his insights on building a profitable business

© Ahmad Mansour / Instagram

Actor and entrepreneur Ahmad Mansour has been sharing his insights with upcoming entrepreneurs following the successful launch of his luxury supercar rental business in the Middle East.

Founder of Luxury Supercar Rentals Dubai, Mansour has built a compelling offer for clients around the world that visit Dubai from the UK, the US and Asia. With the region going through a transformation, disposable income has been on the rise for a decade, and thanks to this shift, there’s been a surge in demand for luxury travel.

Speaking this week with entrepreneurs via Zoom through one of his mentorship sessions, Mansour shared his thoughts with up and coming business owners about how he was able to build his company from the ground up. 

“It’s all about the motivation and not looking back – taking risks is the biggest challenge,” said Mansour.

Through his unique offering of luxury cars including models from Maserati, Ferrari and the famous Aston Martin seen in the latest James Bond films – the entrepreneur has built a globally recognised business within the luxury and travel industry.

The entrepreneur has also travelled extensively around the world, visiting Hong Kong, Thailand, Australia, China and many more – sharing his knowledge and partnering with business leaders to expand his offering further.

For the next generation of entrepreneurs, 2021 will be unlike any other, with the world economy going through a change and the global rules on trade shifting.

With the elections in America this November, and Britain’s departure from the European Union’s customs area in January – geopolitical events are changing how entrepreneurs adapt, but there remain considerable opportunities for those who take the initiative.

For business owners like Mansour, there’s a growing demand for luxury travel, and thanks to rising affluence in Asia, the future looks bright  for the luxury travel business.