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British workers to get up to 67% of pay if companies have to close

© Scottishstoater

British employees are getting additional relief from the government as local lockdowns force businesses to shut their offices and close premises.

A new scheme that will be launching on 1st November will enable workers that are affected by shutdowns to receive up to two-thirds of their salary, paid by the government.

The scheme will be available for a minimum of 6 months, which could cost the UK taxpayer several more billion pounds to finance – with the economic damage continuing over new lockdowns and social distancing.

As pubs and restaurants are being ordered to close in Scotland, and more restrictions for Northern Ireland, Wales and England are set to come – businesses are struggling to maintain continuity with collapsing demand as infections rise.

The government’s announcement follows warnings from business leaders and MPs across the country that jobs could be permanently lost if there is no state support – with businesses also needing emergency loans to shut down their premises.

However, the new scheme will only be available for businesses that have been told to shut down, and not for other sectors that are continuing without disruption.

The Chancellor also reinstated this week the government’s support for businesses and would offer new grants of up to £3000 a month for those ordered to close their doors.

The devolved administrations will also receive funding which they can choose to allocate for the scheme.