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The Templar Fund releases its latest quarterly earnings report for 2020

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The Templar Fund announced this week its latest Q3 earnings for 2020, with consistent gains for investors that have been with the digital asset hedge fund since it launched at the end of 2018. 

In their latest quarterly report, the Templar Fund revealed returns for investors of £1967 ($2539) for every £775 ($1000) invested since the company launched their transparent digital trading platform. 

Q3 2020 Earnings

  • 19.3% quarterly non-compounded return on equity
  • 153.95% total compound return on equity
  • £1967 ($2539.52) per £775 ($1000) invested before fees
  • £1475 ($1904.64) per £775 ($1000) invested net balance

As the world’s first online digital trading platform to offer people the opportunity to invest in digital currencies without the traditional limitations of KYC hurdles – the Templar Fund initially traded in Bitcoin through the Bitcoin Mercantile Exchange (BitMEX). Following the success of its launch, it has expanded its horizons, offering what’s called DE-FI (decentralised finance) options for investors.

Completing its successful transition from the Bitcoin to the Ether blockchain, all trades can be transparently audited with the historic treasury data being made publicly available. This has enabled the platform to provide full transparency for investors and people interested in digital currencies.

With the Templar Fund’s attractive offer to investors that don’t require complex certifications to apply for trading accounts, the digital asset hedge fund has recently expanded its offering, enabling people from around the world to make deposits and earn quarterly dividends. The hedge fund’s trading platform also comes with the option for investors to withdraw their money at any time with 24 hours notice.

Explore the latest earnings figures and visit the website for additional insights as well as access to webinars on investing in digital currencies.