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Award-winning composer Louis Siciliano to bring artists together for social projects

© Louis Siciliano

Award-winning composer Louis Siciliano aka Aluei is bringing musicians together to work on social projects with the launch of his media company, Magic&Unique Group.

A prominent figure in the entertainment industry and one of the world’s most respected composers, Siciliano has garnered numerous awards including Italy’s prestigious Silver Ribbon and has composed music for the Venice International Film Festival.

Collaborating on American and Italian film productions as well as musical projects, the composer has worked internationally in London, New York and Rome. Some of the artists he has collaborated with over the years include Tony Bennett, Natalie Cole and Diana Ross.

Having trained with the likes of Carlo Maria Giulini, Ennio Nicotra and Marco Berrini, Siciliano started his career as a sound engineer, attending the prestigious Audio Institute of America. He has since worked as a trumpet artist, composer and poly-instrumentalist on a range of albums, films, documentaries and TV series.

Seeking to advocate positive social projects by bringing together artists that share a common goal, Siciliano has united 7 record labels with his new media company and has set an ambitious goal to develop musical projects that convey messages of empathy and peace through expressive art.

Recently, Siciliano became a jury member for the Grammys, and announced the release of his new single, chronicling a journey from India to to the land of the Pygmies, a collaboration with Roberto Bellatalla – which is now available to stream on Spotify.