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Breakthrough Korean artist Seori set to make her mark on the world stage

Seori / © ATISPAUS

25-year-old Seori, an R&B/Soul singer from South Korea has risen to prominence since the release of her first EP back in May.

Nicknamed as the “Korean Billie Eilish”, the K-Solo female artist has grown her online fanbase to nearly 150,000 subscribers on YouTube in just the past year, with close to 9 million views on cover songs for tracks including Khalid’s hit ‘Talk’ and Rachael Yamagata’s ‘Be Be Your Love’. Her most successful cover song to-date is ‘Tango’, which has received millions of views globally.

The charismatic singer has been working on her craft since an early age, covering themes in her songs including people’s feelings from loneliness to isolation – writing and composing the songs herself.

As a K-pop female artist, Seori has a unique sound and a beautiful voice that captivates listeners. Having been influenced by international artists from Avril Lavigne to Coldplay and American rock band Paramore, the singer’s debut album entitled ‘?depacse ohw’, or translated as ‘Who Escaped?’, touches on the themes affecting people around the world, helping listeners to escape a difficult reality and explore an enchanted, alternative world.

With a mixture of acoustic and electronic sounds as well as ukulele track ‘I wanna Cry’ which she plays herself, the artist’s new EP is creating a narrative with her music to tell a powerful story.

And in her music video for recently released song ‘Running through the night’, Seori is seen walking through a magical world of beauty, connected to nature, the stars and the moonlight – featuring stunning visuals of a night sky lit up with shooting comets.

Seori – Running through the night music video

Signed to music label ATISPAUS, the singer is developing a fiction novel tied to her music, releasing new chapters every two weeks, with the story set to be expanded in her next album at the end of the year.

To discover more about Seori, you can visit her official website and subscribe to her YouTube channel, or follow her latest updates on Instagram and Twitter. Her latest tracks are also available to listen to on SoundCloud.