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Rapper Rowe Rowe is digitising the music label space with the launch of The Royal Interval

© Rowe Rowe

Rapper Rowe Rowe is looking to change the way the music business works with the launch of his first company, The Royal Interval.

Based in Los Angeles, the 21-year-old rapper has made inroads in the entertainment industry, working with some of the world’s top artists from a young age and has seen an opportunity to innovate the space. Having worked with record labels including Universal Music, Def Jam and Sony, the musician has leveraged his computer science skills to build a cloud-based platform to help producers as well as songwriters collaborate on projects while enabling labels to properly compensate them for their work.

With traditional methods such as CD and lyrics-on-paper submissions becoming increasingly outdated, Rowe Rowe has been developing a new route for music industry professionals to keep on top of their projects, without the slow and painful method of the traditional approach.

The Royal Interval platform is enabling artists as well as labels to streamline their projects all in one. And as a private management software, The Royal Interval is providing managers with a unique set of tools that enable them to take advantage of the digital suite and organisation features available.

As the music industry adapts to a digital-first consumer, it’s becoming increasingly important for artists as well as labels to streamline their projects and use cloud technology as a way to manage their assets.

For the global entertainment industry, artists are adapting to new changes and the same goes for independent labels as well as established players from London to Los Angeles.

In a recent interview, Rowe Rowe highlighted how he wanted to enable artists and labels alike to be “involved in a multitude of fields” with the long-term goal being to fully digitise the record label space.

With many young artists looking to make a name for themselves in the industry, Rowe Rowe has succeeded in creating a unique platform while developing his music career, with the goal of helping his peers get every opportunity they can to grow their careers.