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Israeli startup AceTech is changing the way people receive treatment through personal health signatures

© AceTech

Precision medicine is evolving at a rapid pace thanks to advancements made by Israeli startup AceTech, who have developed a unique solution that can identify the best oncology treatments for patients.

The rapid advancement in health solutions through the use of big data, biomedical sensors, and microbiome profiling have enabled health professionals to create tailor-made prescriptions based on a unique set of ‘personal health signatures’.

With the ongoing problems of side-effects from complicated oncology treatments, healthcare systems are struggling to provide the right support for patients, with quality of life being severely impacted – especially where treatments are not proving effective.

Leveraging the power of big data algorithms and AI, AceTech have been able to develop a model to predict whether a patient will develop side-effects from a previous medical condition or a treatment. Based on skin microbiome profiling, the patient’s health record and their treatment plan, AceTech are able to provide a preventative healthcare solution that is more tailored to their personal health profile.

As an agri-tech business, AceTech has been able to carry out medical research and apply new treatments since its founding in 2018 by the owners of Natural Aloe Costa Rica and Dr. Ariel Katz. With access to a state-of-the-art plantation and processing facility, AceTech uses an active ingredient, known as acemannan, a complex, polysaccharide obtained from the inner gel of the aloe vera leaf, to manufacture its products. And with this extract it is able to provide its precision medicine to patients with various ailments around the world.

© AceTech

Some of the supportive care products the company has developed include a prediction tool to understand side effects from chemotherapy treatments such as radiation dermatitis and oral mucositis. RadiaAce, an acemannan hydrogel is offered to treat radiation induced dermatitis. OralAce Rinse, is an acemannan wound dressing oral rinse for managing oral wounds, injuries and ulcers which can also include cancer related oral mucositis. And AceTech’s OralAce Patch, an acemannan oral patch is used for managing oral wounds, ulcers and injuries which also include cancer rated oral muscositis.

By understanding the biomedical profile of an individual and being able to match it to the right kind of medicine, AceTech’s approach brings a new unparalleled opportunity to the healthcare industry. The company is currently conducting clinical trials to provide more naturally derived products and to further develop precision medicine to the benefit of the healthcare community as a whole.

You can discover more about AceTech by visiting its website or exploring their range of products.

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