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British households turn to silk as summer weather impacts sleep

© Andrea Piacquadio

Following a traumatic start to the year, Brits are looking for ways to improve their overall wellbeing after months of lockdown and an impending summer ‘staycation’.

Unlike any other year, Britons are finding themselves more digitally connected, and travelling less frequently than before, but these new habits have had a profound impact on health – and notably on sleep.

MayfairSilk, a London based company is changing the way people look at their health, by educating the public on the benefits of sleeping in silk. Silk fabrics have long had positive health effects on people of all ages, and with silk linens going back into fashion, there’s never been a better time to invest in a good night’s sleep.

Experts have cited numerous studies that have shown the psychological as well as physiological benefits of silk. Whether it’s silk pillowcases or bed linen, the fabric has the ability to calm, soothe angry skin, and help people have a better night’s sleep. This is thanks to silk’s unique properties, helping people to perspire less at night, particularly in the warm summer months, which helps with our bio-regulation.

© Claudia Fallah

London based multi-award winning sensitive skin specialist Claudia Fallah says that she recommends top quality silk such as MayfairSilk over cotton any day as cotton being a highly absorbent fabric draws out the moisture from the night creams and serums that you may use, as well as the natural moisture from your skin, leaving it dry, wrinkle prone and dull looking. Unlike cotton, MayfairSilk maintains the pH level of the skin retaining the skin’s natural moisture and its smooth texture does not create creases on your skin. Also, it being hypoallergenic, it is a must have for those suffering with acne and sensitive skin.

While there are numerous silk manufacturers providing a range of items, MayfairSilk has differentiated itself by offering a higher quality fabric (22 and 25 Momme) with a special finish to give a lustrous matt sheen. It’s a natural, biodegradable fabric – unlike synthetically produced materials, which don’t help the body properly thermoregulate itself, and tend to leave skin feeling itchy.

MayfairSilk is among the most innovative companies in the industry having sourced the highest quality silk fibres and made them into a higher momme rating fabric than its competitors. With its products made from 100% Mulberry silk and certified Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX, the entire range is free from harmful chemicals and dyes. This is good for the health of their customers and the planet.

For people looking to get a good night’s sleep, 22-25 momme silk is the best, but often fabrics come in at a low 11-20 momme which are of inferior quality. It is no wonder that dermatologists, skincare specialists, Harley Street Doctors and experts encourage the use of silk fabrics for improving skin health and vitality.

© MayfairSilk

How are you managing with the warm summer months? Have you considered a ‘silk remedy’ to catch a good night’s sleep? Explore MayfairSilk’s latest collection to find out more.

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