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The Templar Fund announces latest quarterly earnings for 2020

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The Templar Fund, a transparent digital currency hedge fund, has announced its 2020 Q2 earnings.

Revealing its latest quarterly figures following a period of strong growth in the early part of the year, the digital currency hedge fund has shown its figures on compounded earnings and net client earnings, revealing solid returns for investors in what has been a turbulent year for digital currencies.

Bitcoin traders have been increasingly looking toward safe and transparent services that provide them with additional market insights and the latest industry trends. The Templar Fund has also committed to releasing regular reports on publicly accessible and blockchain-verifiable data for its customers, along with its regular, quarterly earnings report.

The Templar Fund operates a unique trading platform that allows people to invest in cryptocurrencies without the requirement of previous accreditation. Positioning itself as a game-changer in the Bitcoin space, The Templar Fund has enabled investors to earn lucrative returns over the course of 2020 despite large currency fluctuations and volatility in the marketplace.

Announcing their latest earnings this week, The Templar Fund specialises in executing spot and perpetual futures derivative contracts swaps. This enables its clients to trade without needing previous identity verification to get started with an investment account.

The Templar Fund Q2 Earnings

  • Reported Earnings: 3.716%
  • Total Compounded Earnings: 81.183%
  • Performance Fees: (25%)
  • Net Client Earnings: $608.87 (£481.92) per $1,000 (£791.50) deposit

As a technology disruptor, The Templar Fund offers a trading platform that includes real-time information and 24/7 broadcasts covering the latest events in the digital currency market. This has enabled the company to differentiate itself and provide traders with accurate reports on current trends and emerging opportunities. The digital currency hedge fund has also developed an automated system and offers its customers a full report on all trade activities through their exchange along with live chats via Discord, a popular platform for connecting with communities and curating public Q&As.

To get the latest earnings information visit The Templar Fund’s website.