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UK to become ‘science superpower’ as it seeks to attract global talent

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Following Boris Johnson’s speech on Tuesday announcing a raft of investments and funding plans, the UK is focusing on revamping its scientific infrastructure.

From satellites to research labs, the UK is setting up its Research and Development Roadmap to pursue a new era of scientific opportunities, paving the way for investment into infrastructure, talent and education.

As part of the new drive for scientific achievement, the British government has announced an initial £300 million is to be brought forwards in order to update critical scientific infrastructure, providing state-of-the-art equipment to research facilities around the UK.

In addition to the strategy, the government announced that it would be rolling out an investment drive in “ground-breaking research” while also setting up a new Innovation Expert Group – overseeing how government supports the sector.

Along with the UK’s ambitious plans comes a renewed effort to increase international collaboration along with support schemes for students and entrepreneurs, including funding for startups and innovators looking to scale.

This comes as the government commits to increasing its overall R&D investment to £22 billion a year by 2024, strengthening Britain’s global scientific output.