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6 police officers injured in violent London protests as PM vows tough response

© Jonathan Harrison

Saturday’s protest in London saw more than 100 people arrested and at least 6 officers being injured.

Defying the 5pm curfew, protestors congregated at the statue of Churchill in Parliament Square, some carrying offensive weapons, and in the possession of class A drugs – and continued to confront a cordon of police.

The protest then broke out into angry assaults between policemen and rioters in what was described as “pockets of violence” with a small number of people intent on doing harm.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan condemned the violence and was joined by the Prime Minister who said that the “racist thuggery” of a small minority of protestors was unacceptable and that racism “has no part in the UK”.

At least 10 members of the public were also injured during Saturday’s protest which saw members of far-right groups take part in clashes including members from Britain First and the Democratic Football Lads Alliance.

The recent clashes have forced London authorities to protect statues of Winston Churchill and other prominent historical figures following the Black Lives Matter protests in cities around the world.

Have you been affected by the protests?

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