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Seattle entrepreneur launches Police Review System in response to #BlackLivesMatter protests

© Koshu Kunii

Protests are creating meaningful changes to the laws and policies of policing. An established, African-American entrepreneur has decided to take action to help create more transparency and consistently in the process with a new website and soon-to-release mobile app called

Unlike other systems, the goal of Police Window is to improve policing through transparency, feedback, and collaboration while protecting the identity of the citizen and the officer.

Data is aggregated regionally and baselined against national averages to help departments and community leaders understand how they are performing.

Police Window also offers a sweepstake for people that submit reviews. Users are entered to get their ticket paid off up to $100 dollars if they are one of the lucky members.

“If every citizen considered it their civic duty to review their interactions with police, we would have incredible transparency with which to improve the policing systems,” CEO Michael Brown says. “We want to not just improve the egregious incidents, but focus on improving the overall level of service.”

Mobile applications are releasing in about a week soon, but you can enter reviews on the website from your phone.