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District Technologies launch features to help companies return to their workplaces safely

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District Technologies, a workplace experience platform, has announced a selection of new features to help companies return to their workplace safely. Both companies seeking technology to help their employees return to work and landlords for their commercial tenants can take advantage of District’s workplace re-entry features that focus on operational safety and communication through a mobile app.

Vanessa Lee Butz, District Technologies CEO, said: “Landlords will need to boost confidence in their tenants and companies will need to communicate with their employees more than ever before. People will not want to return to their workplaces unless they feel safe, so increasing communication and adjusting workplace operations will be key to addressing these pain points. That’s exactly why we’ve developed a workplace re-entry solution that addresses both of these points to help companies return to their workplaces safely and with confidence.”

District’s workplace re-entry functionalities are designed to facilitate a safe return to work through operational safety and communication:

Operational safety:

Health check-ins – Health check-ins before entry to the workplace help to reduce the number of people at risk of having Covid-19 entering the building.

Occupancy monitoring – Occupancy monitoring gives insight into the building capacity meaning tenants can make an informed decision about whether or not to enter.

Desk booking – The desk booking feature highlights the least crowded areas to work based on availability and allows users to book a desk.

Contactless experience – From building access to meeting room bookings the contactless features reduce the need to physically touch public devices.


Push notifications – Relevant and timely announcements that pop up immediately on app users phones.

News/articles – For longer pieces of information such as workplace safety guidelines can be added as an article and are accessible via the homepage.

Instant messaging – Tenants and employees can get the answers that they need instantly through the chat functionality, giving them direct access to concierge services and support.

Surveys and polls – Surveys and polls give insight into user satisfaction so that communication can be improved based on feedback.

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